Configurations: Seat with Lighting Options

Eye-catching light shows can be created with addition of our fiber optic or LED lighting configuration. Similar to our standard seat, this configuration consists of a stainless steel socket, adjustable seating post, and installation hardware. Architects and installers will enjoy the flexibility of incorporating any of the pool design materials into the actual seat fabrication.

This configuration will create a mood and ambiance that will draw everyone to your entertainment area. Those architects, dealers or owners looking for a bit more spectacular may also wish to consider our Liquid Light™ Seat configuration

Our basic fiber optic system uses an external light source and fiber optic through conduit to each individual socket to generate light towards the water surface.

Our LED Fiber Optic configuration differs in that a light source is within each individual socket and fiber optics within the seating post push light towards the surface of the water. This design makes Fiber Optic seat removal as easy as lift an go.


Additional configurations using wall mounted LEDs are also possible. Contact us for more information.

This option includes the following:

(Click on image for larger view.)

The video below shows our fiber optic configuration with the air injection. (Liquid Light™ Seat configuration.)